Following Natural Greatness’ philosophy and quality standards, Natural Woodland has been designed to provide great nutritional value to dogs with intolerance or allergy to gluten or potatoes.


With this objective in mind, we have created three diets for all breed and all age dogs, diets with all nutritional requirements for each type of dog:



With fresh and dehydrated turkey and chicken meat that will make this diet an exquisite food.


With fresh wild boar meat and dehydrated Iberian pork meat, ingredients with a very low allergenic capacity.


Made with chicken, turkey and fresh fish, designed to improve the joint health of our dog.


Made with fresh chicken, turkey and salmon meat, it’s highly palatable and incorporates L-carnitine for fat burning and muscle building. Designed for small and medium breed dogs


Made with fresh chicken meat, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen joints and L-carnitine to burn fat and strengthen muscles. Designed for large breed dogs.



With fresh pork meat, highly digestible and with low allergenic capacity, recommended for cats with intolerances to other meats.


With highly digestible fresh chicken meat and malt extract to prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach.  

Natural Woodland diets incorporate fresh human grade meat, in addition to a variety of fruits and vegetables, source of vitamins and minerals, all of them necessary for the growth and overall health of dogs:

They help to prevent and control urinary tract infections by reducing the dogs‘ urine pH.
Apples and pears
Both are rich in vitamins A, C, K, copper and antioxidants. Excellent source of dietary fibre, very good for the dog’s heart.

A diuretic and antioxidant fruit that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory because of its high fatty acid content.

This medicinal plant is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves respiratory problems, osteoarthritis, diabetes and different digestive problems.
Broccoli and Spinach
With vitamins, fibres, manganese, iron, calcium and folic acid. They are an excellent food to reduce cholesterol and promote bone health and growth.
With high potassium and fibre levels that fight against anemia and respiratory problems. In addition, they are antiseptic and very good for skin and eyesight.
Wholegrain rice and lentils
They Improve digestion and intestinal transit and incorporate easily digestible carbohydrates that provide minerals and vitamin B.
Rosemary and Chicory
Both plants facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption. Rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B6, they contain powerful antioxidants.
Fresh meat and fish

With fresh human grade chicken, wild boar and white fish to provide great nutritional value to the pet food, in addition to a remarkable palatability.

Natural Woodland diets include wholerain rice and lentils in an appropriate proportion, that dogs’ stomach can assimilate perfectly. These ingredients, along with natural chondroprotectors and antioxidants, form a perfect tandem that acts as support for the pet’s good intestinal transit.


Natural Woodland, nutritionally complete and balanced diets that will delight the most demanding dogs.